March Matness: Balance Control

 Balance Control. All photos ©2007 J Stacey. Reach the leg/foot up to the ceiling, to animate the center and lift the hips. Push the other leg into your hands. The chest is away from the chin (Kathy Grant’s lemon under the chin – do not make lemonade), shoulder blades on the mat. On the last picture Raisa is too high up on the neck, she needs to rotate around her xiphoid, lower her heart and lengthen through the thoracolumbar spine. She is reaching through her long leg beautifully.  You can practice on the Spine Corrector, Arc, Chair (with for under top of Chair) or roller.                   Nice work in Tuscany, in Helsinki, Finland, and Dordogne, France!    #Marchmatness #Marchmatnessbalancecontrol  #controlbalance #pilatesplusvacation  #Marchmatness2020

Pictures from Jennifer Stacey’s Peak Performance Pilates Manuals: Movement Perspectives™, Teaching the Reformer Repertoire, Roller Play, Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ and soon to be published Mat Repertoire, and Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ manual.

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