March Matness: The Pushup

March Matness: The Push Up dismount.  Reach through the foot and crown of the head. Feel the heel of the hand armpit connection. Keep those scapulae still and abducted and upwardly rotated (down and out)! Enjoy!  all photos ©2007 J Stacey.

The Push Up © 2007 J. Stacey

Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ Course. Moraga, Summer. Classic Pilates in, on and by the water. Jennifer M. Stacey Studio Pilates 

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Pictures from Jennifer Stacey’s Peak Performance Pilates Manuals: Movement Perspectives™, Teaching the Reformer Repertoire, Roller Play, Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ and soon to be published Mat Repertoire, and Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ manual.

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