Exciting Pilates workshops, IPA™ courses Barcelona, May. Helsinki, October.

© 2007 J Stacey

Exciting news! Jennifer M. Stacey, MS, 2nd generation Pilates Teacher, is returning to Europe. There are several Pilates workshops, sessions and Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ Courses planned.  The 2nd – 4th week of May or June in Barcelona, Spain. Helsinki, Finland around the week of October 25.

Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ (IPA™). Earn 18 PMA CECs

Leg Pull Back © 2015 J Stacey

having fun exploring Classic Pilates in, on and by the water. It is taught by longtime international Pilates Teachers’ Teacher Jennifer M. Stacey, MS, 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher, ExercisePhysiologist/Biomechanist.      “I got a thousand hours of information from the 18 hour course.” KP     “With every experience of Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ I learn new insights that directly transfer to teaching in the studio. I’m falling in love with Pilates all over again, it’s great!”   FS

Other Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ Courses planned in 2018 includes Moraga, CA (spring); Maui, Hawaii (early summer);  Kona, HI; Colorado (March); Miami, FL; Melbourne, Australia; Japan.  IPA™Find your deep centers immediately.  IPA™ honors Joe and Clara’s system, and his advice to “get as much fresh air as you can, and work in the water.” Become a licensed Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ (IPA™) Teacher and even a licensed  IPA™ Teachers’ educator.


Testimonials from Pilates workshops Jennifer taught in London:

“Thank you for one of the most informative and well taught workshops (March 9th Release the Rib cage… ) I have attended this year.” “Always think of you as the best teacher I have ever met and still hope that you will be coming to London very soon.” “I really enjoyed your workshops and have spent the last few weeks trying to embed the work into my own teaching and practice. And: my clients have really benefited from this new approach. I really want to learn more from you, so please do let me know whenever you’re in Europe or the UK.  Thank you once again for your truly inspiring workshops!”   Thank you for the great workshopI am interested in coming to your retreat in the Algarve in July.”   “Thank you for leading a great workshop. I have been teaching matwork for 10 years, but the workshop made me realise I remain a novice when it come to the traditional work. The experience went some way to me deciding to enroll on a fully comprehensive teacher training course.” “A joy to meet you and a real treat to have the wonderful input you gave from your decades of experience, thank you!” “Thank you very much for the amazing workshop and private session.” “It’s been amazing meeting you, and I feel honored to have had the chance to attend your amazing workshop here in London, and to have had the opportunity to do a private session with you. You are an amazing teacher and I’m very grateful for everything that you have taught me. I hope you will come again to London in the near future.” “I really enjoyed your detailed analysis of the repertoire, something that I felt was missing from my training and that I have been putting together for myself over time. Hence my ordering all your books!” “Loved it! Come back again soon 🙂 !” ” Thank you for today’s workshop in London. Got loads out of it, really inspiring stuff!”  “I hope you will be coming to London soon to do some workshops. That would be amazing.” 

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J. Stacey’s Pilates Class Wednesdays, 2 pm, SF

Alex Siragusa, Jennifer Stacey. Sit Twist. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.

Alex Siragusa, Sit Twist. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.

Attend invigorating classes from a reputable 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher and learn Pilates elders’ cues, images and skills. Jennifer Stacey, MS, is teaching an intermediate/advanced Pilates class in the SF Peak Performance Pilates Studio on Wednesdays 2 pm. Join this exciting class, challenge your body and advance your Pilates Method knowledge and repertoire! Learn the essential biomechanical details that help you master the Pilates Method, get a much deeper workout and and tools to help your clients. A fun way to mentor a second generation teacher whom teachers say “has so much knowledge to share.”

Jennifer is an internationally renown second generation Pilates Teachers’ Teacher, exercise physiologist and biomechanist, author, inventor. She has been teaching teachers  for 29 years worldwide, and was lucky to study (befriend and host) many Pilates Elders including Romana, Kathy, Ron and Eve. Peak Performance Pilates was one of the first dedicated Pilates studios in the Bay Area.  Jennifer is also available to teach Skype sessions if you are not located in the Bay Area. She will be teaching workshops and sessions in Australia, Spain, France and Finland in 2018, as well as offering Immersion(tm) Pilates Aquatics(tm) courses in Moraga, Hawaii, Barcelona, Cannes, Helsinki, Australia.



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Counter the cold with extension 2!

Bob Hall. Jennifer Stacey. Prone Press. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey

Bob Hall. Prone Press. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey

The cold causes the body to contract forward, tensing the abdominals and diaphragm. We need to perform extension throughout the day to open up the front.

Lie on your stomach, your elbows directly below your shoulders. Pull down and back with the elbows, drawing down the scapulae. Roll your collar bones and sternum up and forwards.  Breathe into the the top of your stomach.

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Counter the cold with extension!

When it is cold we tend to curl forwards to stay warm. This causes excess tension in abdominal region and diaphragm.  To open up the diaphragm and front of your body perform extension throughout your day. The next few blogs will describe some movements you can try.  The first one:

If you are sitting at your desk:  Place your elbows and forearms on the desk. Inhale, Press down onto the desk, draw your scapulae down, lift and roll your collarbones and sternum up. Your body lifts up and over your scapulae. Glide the eyes up the wall.   Reach up through the crown of your head.  Do not drop your head back.  You should still be able to speak. Exhale, take an extra breath up there. Then retreat.  Repeat 3X.  Perform several times a day.

You can do this skill standing with your hands on a ledge, countertop or anything solid.


Quilet Rarang and Alicia Ricci perform the Immersion(tm) Pilates Aquatics(tm) versions.

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Happy Holidays!

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Amazing results!

A client with a painful hip came into the studio with a gait stride length of about 4 inches.  After the session her stride was over one 15″! She was elated and her pain greatly diminished!  Pilates is phenomenal…..The client performed the following: Eve Gentry’s side shoulder and hip clocks, lower leg lift (side lying), Side Leg Kick (modified). Jennifer did the “side hug” (squishing – decompressing the stretch reflex – which was presented at the PMA in October)”.  Side lower back breathing. Para-setter(r) repertoire.  Supine One Leg Spring and Supine Arm Springs.

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Seasons Greetings

Seasons Greetings
May your New Year be filled with peace,
laughter, exploration and perfect health!

Feliz Año Nuevo, Bonne Année, Buon Anno, Feliz Ano Novo,
Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Glückliches Neues Jahr,
Onnellista uutta vuotta, Gott Nytt År

Best wishes,
Jennifer M. Stacey, MS
Peak Performance Pilates
Workshops, Skype sessions
Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™
Classic Pilates in and on the water!

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Candy Cane images

What fun teaching classes.  We enjoyed using the image of candy canes for the leg and arm spirals!

Happy Holidays!

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Michelangelo drawings

Here are some of the Michelangelo anatomy drawings currently on display at the MET museum in NY.  Enjoy.

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Movement Perspectives™ Pilates concepts

Copyright 2007  J Stacey

“Stillness around the motion”   or  “Motion around the stillness.”

My new saying that was inspired by my clients.

Copyright 2007  J Stacey

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