Teaching the Universal Reformer Repertoire. vol. 2

Teaching the Universal Reformer Repertoire. vol. 2. 256 pages, 2740 photos. $78.99 + tax, shipping. Discount given when ordered with MP™. Comprehensive teaching manual featuring the Universal Reformer Repertoire, Classic Transitions, Mounts/Dismounts, Sequencing, Modifications, Variations, Spotting, Real Client Errors, Benefits, Imagery and Cues. Teaching “gems” from the Pilates’ Elders. Photographs of various body types and levels performing the work. Dr. Wonsons’ tips: Structural, Neural, Meridian Benefits.
Author: Jennifer M. Stacey, M.S.
Contributor: Dr. Chady Wonson, D.C., LAc., C.T.N., C.N.C.

Ron Fletcher (Master Pilates Elder) on “Teaching the Universal Reformer Repertoire”:  “Jennifer has put together an awesome piece of work – good for the entire community and I am pleased to be included in her lore – and honored!”

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