J. Pilates

Joseph and Clara Pilates
In the twentieth century, Joseph and Clara Pilates developed the system of “Contrology.” Joseph, a pugilist, integrated the concentration of eastern disciplines with the rigors of western athleticism to develop a mind-body conditioning program that maximizes performance potential and body shape. Since the program develops a body that is dynamically balanced in strength and flexibility, with a high degree of abdominal and back strength and lengthening of the spine and limbs, the result is an elongated sculpted body.
The Pilates method widens the shoulders, flattens the abdomen, strengthens the back. Joseph Pilates believed that the key to longevity is a long and unencumbered spine.

Addresses the concerns of today:

Pilates incorporates principles of: control, concentration, centering, precision, flowing motion, and breathing.

Pilates Goals are to:

  • energize the body and mind
  • to be resistant to fatigue
  • to be calmer and better able to deal with stress
  • to be fit, supple, strong, and well toned
  • to improve your job, sport, professional or artistic endeavors
  • to correct imbalances, achieve body awareness, economy of movement.
    -as quoted in Gail Eisen’s & Philip Friedmen’s “The Pilates Method of Contrology”

Pilates is a very time efficient way of achieving fitness quickly and maintaining it. Complete body transformation is evident immediately.

Addresses all concerns:

Business professionals


  • to acquire and maintain fitness to increase business “presence and performance”
  • improve posture
  • reduce stress
  • learn proper ergonomics, lifestyle management, and work station setup.


Elite athletes and dancers:


  • to enhance performance
  • to look long and lean
  • for a challenging workout to gain strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, agility, power, and mechanical efficiency.
  • Technique & performance coaching.


General fitness and “toning”

  • body sculpting
  • develop a lean, strong, flexible, and controlled body.

Fitness for pregnant, postpartum, menopausal and osteoporotic women.

Physical therapy, dance medicine, sports medicine and post physical therapy fitness and lifestyle management for people with back problems and other injuries, M.S., postpolio syndrome, osteoporosis, strokes, asthma, emphysema, and arthritis.

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