Peak Performance Pilates Client Testimonials

Melissa Errico (star of High Society) writes about her experience at Peak Performance:

My work with Jennifer at Peak Performance has confirmed many of my beliefs about the Pilates method. I am one of those people who is known to spend up to an hour on a treadmill or stairmaster hoping to achieve that next level of leanness and elongation (especially in the hips and thighs). Jennifer showed me you don’t need to huff and puff on all these machines to achieve the elongation and slimness I am after. It’s in the airy, clean, pretty and sunny studio that I made some real progress, and without the agony!

To work at Peak Performance you have to be committed to learning about your body, to finding the smaller, deeper muscles in the mid back and the abdomen, to concentrating on what seems to be subtle exercises. Jennifer will give you strength and poise you never had!

By working with me for several months, helping me slim down an inch here and there, and strengthening my neck, back and abdominals, I left San Francisco feeling taller, healthier, and more in tune with my body as a whole, like a dancer. I would recommend Peak Performance to anyone who has tried all the fads, done all the sweating they can stand and who finally wants to get it right!

Get out of the gym and get over to Peak Performance! Jennifer is a woman of boundless energy and positive attitude, but even more importantly, she understands the body and will work with your needs. I have often found exercise and fitness instructors just have a set routine that they will do with everyone. Jennifer, however, is so knowledgeable that she will tailor a program just for you.

As a dancer and a singer, I also found my work with Jennifer had some professional benefits which were key to my strength and consistency on stage. My feet and back were so strong, (thus preventing me from injury) and her work on breathing gave me more power and resonance in my singing I really relied on her training to prepare me for a vigorous performance 8 shows a week, and it paid off more than I ever imagined. I found the body work (the alignment, the integration of breath and movement, the concentration on lengthening while strengthening) gave me more energy overall. On those days I’d rather have been home sleeping and being lazy, I’d go to Jennifer and leave feeling full of positive energy buzzing and ready to have a great day!”

Melissa Errico, actor

Kim Miyori, actor, writes of her experience at Peak Performance:

Jennifer is a wellspring of knowledge, experience and bodywisdom which enables her to impart a clarity of and understanding of the work to her clients.

I have been studying Pilates for many years from a variety of trainers and Jennifer has, in a very short time, given me the kind of instruction and answers to questions that I’ve always desired but cold never find. Peak Performance has profoundly changed the way my body works and my approach to the work. I’ll forever be grateful for all that they have shared with me.

Thank you.

Kim Miyori, actor, Golden Child

I grew 3/4s of an inch!

Rita Gianini, teacher

I can finally touch my toes!

Tom Bollinger, clerk

Studying the principles of J. Pilates with Jennifer has helped me understand how my body can function most efficiently as a unit, making everything easier dance, exercise, etc. It has completely changed my presence both on stage and in everyday life.

Megan Starr Levitt, singer, “Christine ” in “Phantom of the Opera”

The middle years of life can provide exciting new beginnings. Working with Peak Performance has allowed me the opportunity to improve my well being in strength, muscle tone, flexibility and energy level. I feel more physically prepared to face the potential challenges and opportunities for emotional growth during this time of transition.”

Pam Bollinger, corporate administrator

Peak Performance has profoundly changed the way my body works.

Kim Miyori, actor, “Golden Child”

Thanks so much for the help and enthusiasm when we (STOMP) were in San Francisco. I equally appreciated your unique ability to embrace your consummate command of and dedication to the Pilates based method with welcoming warmth, creating a warm, fun learning environment. I had a great time with you guys and was so sorry to go. If I move to San Francisco, you can be sure I’ll come straight to you for Pilates and Certification.

Marsha Thompson, actor, dancer, “STOMP”

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Think Pilates is not for you? Think again! I originally went to see Jennifer Stacey, owner and director of Peak Performance, for rehab on my lower back at the advice of my chiropractor. She and her staff are no stranger to injury, rehab, and strength building as they work with both common folks, like myself, and cast and crew for major theatrical productions in San Francisco. ?You would be amazed at how great Pilates can and will help your body, and Peak Performance goes all the way to get you in to top condition. I learned a lot there, successfully rehabbed and returned to all my favorite activities, and for that reason I recommend it to all. Whether your ailing or healthy as a horse, Pilates *is* for you and *will* make you stronger. Peak Performance is a top-notch place to start.     Dan R.

Pilates with Jennifer Stacey at Peak has literally been the ONLY thing that has worked on a horrible ankle injury.  I was at the point of choosing a risky, invasive surgery, then I met Jennifer.?? The combination of her Pilates expertise and an exercise physiology background have proven unbeatable for rehab.  Beyond my ankle, I now see the power of Pilates for overall fitness. I’ve gone from no experience with Pilates to a true believer in a matter of weeks!?? The other instructors seem excellent as well and all visitors I’ve spoken with in the studio, whether doing private sessions or participating in classes, always give rave reviews.     Amy J.

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