Exciting workshops by Dr. Lehle, April 13, 14

Come join us in this special opportunity!  There is still space available.  Dr. Gotz Lehle, MD from Italy will be teaching 2 insightful workshops: Friday April 13, 4 – 7 pm Cranio-mandibular problems (CMD). How to assess and address problems through movement. Saturday, April 14, 3–6 pm,  Proprioception – the Seventh Sense. Balance. Description: Workshop 1: The cranio-mandibular area is at the top of the spine and influences the entire body.  If you address the cranio-mandibular region then you address many parts of the body at once. This is very applicable to Pilates and movement teachers, physical therapists, chiropractors and any body therapist. Workshop 2: Proprioception – the Seventh Sense. Balance is an integral part of health and Pilates. Mr. Pilates incorporated balance in his repertoire. Come learn about the proprioceptive system and enjoy the challenge of the balance movement combinations.  Dr. Lehle is an Orthopedic Doctor, GYROTONIC® practitioner with a background in Osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Chirotherapy, M. Feldenkrais® and acting.  He teaches and practices in Germany, Italy, France and New York.  Dr. Lehle is available for private consultation between April 14- 15.  For information contact Jennifer Stacey, M.S.   info@peakperformancepilates.com   Flyer and registration: Dr Gotz

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