The Proprioceptive system and Balance is an integral part of optimal function. Try the following skill: Stand with your legs straight, arms out to the side, sternum soft. Look at a point straight in front of you. Reach the arms out in opposite directions. Push down through your right leg, reach up through the back of the top of the head. Pull your belly to the lowest part of the waistline. Lift up the left foot slightly, without disturbing the alignment of the hips. Do not place the left foot on the right leg or ankle. Try balancing for 30 seconds.  If you can do that, try closing your eyes briefly, pretending you are seeing the point in front of you.  Be near a wall or something you can place your hand on if you need to do so. Repeat on other side. To learn about proprioception and balance skills come attend the exciting workshop  “Proprioception-the seventh sense” taught by Dr. Gotz Lehle, M.D. (from Italy) on Saturday, April 14 from 3 pm – 6 pm. Dr. Lehle is an orthopedic doctor with experience in a multitude of health and movement disciplines. See previous blogs for details.   For information contact Jennifer Stacey, M.S.   Flyer and registration: Dr Gotz

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