Pilates Mat class using the Stretch-eze(r), Tues, Sept.15, 4pm pst

Jennifer Stacey, MS will be teaching a fabulous fun, Pilates Mat class using the Stretch-eze(r), Tuesday, September 15, 4 pm. Jennifer will be integrating the Pilates Elders’s cues and skills, Classic transitions, proper biomechanics, modifications. 

You can use a theraband, or no prop.  

The Stretch-eze(r) is a phenomenal tool to use for closed chain, to feel the work deeply, open the lower back ribs, and to release hard to reach places. Kimberly Dye created a magnificent prop. It was very important for teaching a Post-Polio/RA client at home, and my clients and teachers love it in the Mat Classes. You are welcome to join the class without having a Stretch-eze(r).  If you are interested in exploring the wonders of Pilates using the Stretch-eze(r), but you do not have one, you can order them on Amazon or Balanced Body. http://www.dyenamicmovement.com

(I have no financial involvement with Stretch-eze(r) – I just love it!).

A recording will be made.

Email Jennifer:   info@peakperformancepilates.com

Next Class: Tuesday, Sept. 22, 4 pm pst, 7 pm est. Para-Setter(r), Roller, Spine Corrector Class.  

Recordings available for Eve Gentry Gems; Kathy Grant skills; Chair; Mat; Reformer; Spine, Toe and Foot Corrector; Cadillac springs with tubing; Roller and Ball classes.

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