Elongating the spine, flattening the stomach

Coccyx curl to bridge: Lie supine, hands and wrists flat, shoulders down and wide. Inhale into the back and sides,  curl your tail towards your belly button, sacrum slides toward your feet. Kidneys and last ribs heavy on the ground. Exhale, continue to slide your sacrum forwards and up the wall keeping the last ribs and kidneys imprinted. Pretend someone is pulling the bottom of the back of your shirt forward and up. You can roll up to a hammock position or go farther until your body is like a plank from the back of your heart to you knees. Keep the abdominal cavity hollowed, do not overwork the outer abdominal muscles (and pooch). Do not lift the chest up. Keep the chest away from your chin. Pretend there is a lemon or grapefruit under you chin and you do not want to squash it. Shoulder blades on the mat. Fingers slide towards the front wall (especially the little fingers). Reach forward through the knees. Inhale, exhale to roll forward and down sequentially: heart, lowest rib, kidneys, upper lower back, middle lower back, lower lower back sacrum and then tail. Add space between the vertebrae by lengthening forward. Repeat 2 – 3 times. Stretch your hamstrings when you have finished.

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