Zipping the legs

Kathy Grant used to say “Friendly inner thighs – if they get to know each other, they may like each other.”  Ron Fletcher used to insist on zipping the legs (including his bolt images). When you zip the legs it should follow a line that is slightly posterior, not one that is in the front of the leg (otherwise you may get knee problems). (FYI:The adductors do insert slightly posterior on the femur).  There are many benefits to zipping the legs including: 1) Dr. Wonson (and Physio-synthesis) state that it activates the pelvic floor and thus the lower abdominals (they are connected). So it is a great way to find the center.  2) It increases the flexibility of the IT Band functionally. This allows us to walk properly since we need to get the foot near the midline when we walk. 3) Strengthens the inner thighs. 4) Aligns the legs, feet and hips.  So concentrate on zipping the legs in The Hundred, The Teaser, The Footwork, The Hundred and other skills. You will notice it is easier to perform the skills, and you will feel it more in the center!

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