Australian Open

The match between R. Federer and T. Robredo revealed several biomechanical concepts that are reviewed in the Pilates sessions I teach and in “Movement Perspectives™”: Robredo, who is very balanced, has aligned, straight legs and he pulls the ground back to propel himself forwards^. Federer has open shoulders and exceptional posture, and “hangs from his horizontals”*.  In this match the ball bounced too high to show off the effective use of the ground reaction force• on his backhand. When the ball is lower, Federer uses his legs to push down into the ground to follow through with the swing and the hitting of the ball forwards.  Maybe we will see it in Federer’s next match.  The Australian open is a good opportunity to observe proper movement and posture.  ^ page 124 “Movement Perspectives™”. *page 114 “Movement Perspectives™” •page 113 “Movement Perspectives™”, by Jennifer Stacey, M.S.

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