Solo sessions at San Francisco Studio!

We are excited to announce that the San Francisco studio is open for solo sessions. We also offer online sessions.

I hope you, your family and friends are staying safe and healthy. This has been a very challenging year, but we are weathering the difficulties together.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all in person again. We have missed you!

We have put into place new health safety policies from input from the CDC, San Francisco County Health Department, and the Pilates community. These new policies were created with the intent to slow the spread of Covid-19 and to help all of us to feel safe and secure in the studio. Our studio is large, airy and has numerous windows.

For information:

Jennifer Stacey, MS is offering solo, duet and trio online sessions. Study with a world renown Second Generation Pilates Teacher. Enjoy the wonders of Pilates. see above for email.


NEW INFORMED CONSENT FORM: All Clients (New & Returning)will be required to complete the COVID-19 INFORMED CONSENT FORM that is attached. COVID release sept  Please download it. Then read and sign it. Please email it back. A short COVID health form will be signed before every appointment in an email.

MASKS REQUIRED: Anyone entering the building and studio will be required to wear a mask before entry and throughout their visit. Masks with loops behind the ears, or behind head are preferred for Pilates. The masks that tie behind the head are not comfortable when you lie on your back. The teacher will be wearing a mask and/or a face shield.

CLIENTS ONLY (NO GUESTS): Only clients will be allowed into the studio.

TEMPERATURE CHECK: Each client will have a temperature screen and maybe an oximeter reading. Anyone with a temperature of 100F or above, or an oximeter reading below 90 will need to reschedule an appointment and be advised to contact their primary healthcare provider immediately.

HAND HYGIENE: Hand washing and sanitation is required before you enter the studio. You will find an alcohol based hand sanitizer near the front door. You must use the hand sanitizer before you enter the studio. Hands must be sanitized after the session.

DOOR HANDLES: To minimize contact with high touch surfaces, we will open and close any doors during your visit. Please do not touch any fixtures, light switches, etc. Please use a wipe/tissue when entering building and pressing elevator button (SF clients).

PLACE GOODS AND SHOES IN A PLASTIC BAG or designated cubby (provided by the studio) UPON ENTERING:Do not bring stuff into the studio. Bring as minimal things as you can. HMB clients: Bring only keys, water. If you come in a car, please make sure your car seat is clean. Do not wear “public worn” clothes in the session that was worn out in public, especially on public transit. Leave shoes outside the door, or in a plastic bag provided by the studio. Wear clean, full socks that you bring with you.

BATHROOM PROCEDURES: Wear your shoes to go to the bathroom. Use paper towels or disinfectant wipes to handle the doors, faucets, etc. Wash and dry your hands for 20 seconds as advised by the CDC after touching all surfaces. Sanitize hands afterwards.

NO WATER STATION: The studio may provide small bottles of water. Client places it in plastic bag during session. If the client brings his/her own water bottle, then it is to be placed in the bag. No personal items will be placed upon a surface in the studio, only the plastic bag.

REDUCED OVERLAP: We will be spacing out appointments to reduce overlap from clients. There will be 15 minutes to clean and sanitize the apparatus, and allow room in between clients. It is important that you arrive on time and not be late for your appointment. Please leave the studio immediately after your session is over. Sessions will be 50 minutes. Clients will not use the same apparatus/space that a previous client used (to avoid being in the same place following each other). HMB clients: The teacher will text you when you can come up. Please stay in your car or outside the building until then.

SOCIAL DISTANCING: One teacher will be in the studio, and will only see one client at a time. An occasional duet will be arranged, following social distancing rules. Duets are allowed for those in the same family. This will support safe social distancing and greatly reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.

VINYL COVERED LOOPS, HANDLES, STRAPS, ROPES. All porous touch surfaces are covered in vinyl and can be effectively cleaned and disinfected. Please contact Jennifer if you would like to buy your own handles and loops. If you purchase them, they will be disinfected and kept in the studio. Medical film barrier and/or vinyl will be placed on poles, barres.

TEACHER WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH PROPS, EQUIPMENT. Please do not touch or pick up any props or small equipment (rollers, bands, balls, etc).

WINDOWS AND FILTERS. Both studios have numerous windows that will be open, and hepa filters, for good airflow. We are lucky!

CLEANING: The studio and apparatus continues to be cleaned and disinfected after each client. Further cleaning and disinfecting occurs at the end of the day.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: We are eliminating cash for payment, since cash is more likely to spread germs and viruses. Venmo, Paypal and online payments are preferred. Some teachers will still accept Visa, Master Card, Bank Cards and checks.

Please email your teacher to schedule an in-person or virtual appointment. Teachers are offering virtual sessions for those who prefer to practice Pilates at home. Many clients are enjoying their virtual sessions, as are the teachers!

While change is always challenging, happily, our lives are getting back to a new normal. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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