Eve Gentry’s Gems, Tues. June 30, 4 pm pst

Eve Gentry’s Gems 
Many of Eve’s skills are inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais
and are phenomenal at addressing neck, shoulder, back problems
You will notice profound changes in your body,
such as opening of the shoulders and back,
and release of neck tension. You may also learn some more Katy Grant skills and images, and skills inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais.
Tuesday, June 30, 4 pm pst, 7 pm est.

Taught by
Jennifer M. Stacey, MS
Second Generation Pilates Teacher
Exercise Physiologist/Biomechanist

Email Jennifer for the link to the zoom class. If you are new to Jennifer’s classes we will provide you with a client release form.

Recordings of the classes will be made available.

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