Counter the cold with extension!

When it is cold we tend to curl forwards to stay warm. This causes excess tension in abdominal region and diaphragm.  To open up the diaphragm and front of your body perform extension throughout your day. The next few blogs will describe some movements you can try.  The first one:

If you are sitting at your desk:  Place your elbows and forearms on the desk. Inhale, Press down onto the desk, draw your scapulae down, lift and roll your collarbones and sternum up. Your body lifts up and over your scapulae. Glide the eyes up the wall.   Reach up through the crown of your head.  Do not drop your head back.  You should still be able to speak. Exhale, take an extra breath up there. Then retreat.  Repeat 3X.  Perform several times a day.

You can do this skill standing with your hands on a ledge, countertop or anything solid.


Quilet Rarang and Alicia Ricci perform the Immersion(tm) Pilates Aquatics(tm) versions.

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