New Year empowerment

Happy New Year! It is the time of year people look at their health regimes. Sometimes we set goals that are too large to achieve in our daily lives. It is great to set goals. But if you cannot meet them, then make them smaller. So I suggest that if you have a full schedule and you do not have time to walk, run or swim (or whatever mode of cardiovascular work that you enjoy) for 1 hour a day, try walking for 20 minutes to start with. If you find yourself suddenly free to take a walk for 5 – 10 minutes, go out and enjoy a short walk.  It is good for the spirit to be outside or have a change of scene, and the walk will energize you.  The same goes for Pilates.  15 minutes of Pilates will refresh you and make your back, muscles and insides feel better. Mr. Pilates said that if 99% of the people did 15 minutes of Contrology every day there would be world peace! The formula for working out is: increase your workout schedule 10% a week, intensity, time, etc. but not more than 10%! But remember, if you spend time watching tv, perhaps that is the time to invest in your health. Good Luck!

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