Healthy eating

It is cheap, delicious and quick to eat nutritious foods. At our Farmer’s Market it costs $5 for 3 large heads of yummy, nutty kale. It takes only a few minutes to wash, cut and steam or saute. If you saute you can add pistachios or pine nuts and dried cranberries. I keep hearing that it is expensive to eat organic and healthy food, and that people don’t have time to prepare such food. This is not true. We are lucky in California to have farmer’s markets all year round. You can roast vegetables which brings out some incredible flavors. You can try sprinkling toasted sesame oil, walnut oil or olive oil over your winter vegetables and serve them with quinoa or lentils.  For a snack you can roll up kale in a piece of ham (or vice versa), or place the ham pieces in the vegetables. In the winter, try to eat warm food. If you prepare a lot of vegetables at a time, they are very nice warmed up for a snack or for lunch too.

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