Romana Kryzanowska, June 30, 1923 – August 30, 2013

It is a sad time. Romana Kryzanowska, Pilates Elder, passed away August 30.  We should all be so grateful for her commitment to carry the “Contrology” torch onwards and pass her legacy to so many. Those who were lucky enough to study from her can continue to teach her effective cues and images, and pass on the value of transitions, and the incredible system that she learned from Joseph and Clara Pilates. I was so lucky to have been her student and apprentice. It is sad for me, for now my 3 long time (Pilates Elders) teachers (two who were friends, Ron and Kathy) (plus my short term teachers Eve and Bruce) have all passed.  But their voices, vibrance, wisdom and wit all live on and I hope that future teachers can appreciate and distinguish the different lineages they all left for us. Their voices are all crowded in my head ready to help when needed…

For information on Romana’s memorial at St. Patrick’s Cathedral September 13 and True Pilates:–Event.html?soid=1101603795666&aid=3CZug2YoOTY

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