Precision is one of the principle of Pilates. It is a good principle to focus on in the new year. When you are performing Pilates, check and see that your legs and feet are aligned, and are full of energy. The legs should be zipped together when performing many skills such as the Hundred, The Double Leg Stretch, The Double Leg Kick, The Footwork, The Rowings, The Pulling Straps, an others. Kathy Grant used to say: “Friendly Inner Thighs; if  you let them get to know each other, they might like each other.”  The feet should be in line with the shins, the entire lower limb should be aligned. Ron Fletcher was very particular about the zipped legs. It encourages recruitment of the center and the inner thighs, and stretches the IT Band. It also enhances walking mechanics, because it allows you to get that foot under you when you are weight bearing on one leg.

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