J. Stacey workshops in Tokyo, Japan, Nov. 2-4

In Tokyo, Jennifer Stacey, M.S. will present several workshops. Nov. 2 – 4. Jennifer will teach the following: Friday, Nov. 2:  “Kathy Grant Mat repertoire” (1 hour), “A Classic Pilates Mat class inspired by the Pilates Elders” (2 hours), “Spine Corrector and Arc class” (2 hours).  Saturday, Nov. 3: “Honoring the Psoas”, “Pilates from the wings (and arm alignment)”.  Nov. 4: “Release the Ribcage, and the pelvis and scoop will follow” and “Follow your Head: Understanding and cueing head and Spine position in Pilates”https://www.pilates-lab.com/      and peakperformancepilates.com/workshops   More information will be posted in the future on the peakperformancepilates blog and workshop sections of the website.

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