Pilates on Tour, 7/15, J. Stacey & Dr. Wonson

Sunday, July 15, 9 am – 12 pm at Pilates on Tour, San Francisco,  Jennifer Stacey, MS and Dr. Chady Wonson, DC, LaC, CTN, CNC will be presenting a unique, scintillating workshop: “Follow your head: Understanding and cueing head position in Pilates.” Flyer: forum POT 2012  For a $50 discount off of the conference use the following code: $50 Discount Code:       STACEYWONSONTOUR50 .  For more information go to: https://bbu.pilates.com/gamma/pilates-on-tour/pilates-SF-2012.aspx?EventID=1180#https://bbu.pilates.com/gamma/pilates-on-tour/pilates-SF-2012.aspx%234

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