Eve Gentry’s Shoulder Clocks

This skill is effective at mobilizing the shoulder and neck. It also clears the sinuses! Lie on your side with your legs bent, your top hand on the mat, your body aligned. Your head and sitbones are in one long line. Your head is on a pillow. Pretend there is a clock on the ceiling and your shoulder is a pointer. The 12 is above your ear, the 6 is above your hip. The 3 is forward, the 9 backward. Float your shoulder towards the 12 (your ear) and then down to the 6 (your hip). Do not have a muscular quality. Think of an apple bobbing in water. 6x. Then float your shoulder forward (3 o’clock) and backward (9 o’clock), 6x. Circle your shoulder forward  4-6 x, and then backward 4-6x. Page 142, Movement Perspectives.

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