Cues learned from Romana: Reformer Footwork

I will be discussing the knowledge that was taught to me by Romana Kryzanowska in this blog for the next few weeks. I will be reviewing some of the cues and images she used in the Reformer Repertoire. All of the tips can be found in my 256 page manual “Teaching the Universal Reformer Repertoire.”

The Footwork : The order of the Footwork is: The Pilates V, Heels, Arches, Toes (tendon stretch-or up and down with the heels).  The feet are placed in different arch positions depending on which  Master Pilates’ Elder you learned from.  All of the arch positions are productive.  Romana always told us to place the liver (reflexology) point on the barre.  The legs are zipped together.  The heels are low and not up on tip toe.  Mr. Pilates was interested in Eastern principles, so the various foot positions on the barre provides an extra advantage of  the barre pressing onto different reflexology points.

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