Recordings for J. Stacey’s Classes

Pamper your spine and feet; elongate, strengthen and massage!
Order the recordings of classes taught by 2nd Generation Teacher Jennifer Stacey, MS

Spine Corrector, Parasetter®, Roller

Stretch-eze® Pilates Mat

 Magic Circle Pilates Mat

Spine, Foot, Toe Corrector


Email Jennifer:

Other Recordings available on the website: for the Kathy Grant Cats and Laterals class; Eve Gentry Gems class; Mat; Chair; Reformer; Cadillac springs with tubing; Ball and Roller Class; Spine, Toe and Foot Corrector; Magic Circle; Pilates Mat with the Stretch-eze®.

Jennifer can sign a copy of her books! “Teaching the Universal Reformer Repertoire”, “Movement Perspectives® and “Roller Play® – Roller Repertoire.” The pictures are from Jennifer’s manuals.  photos, copyright 2007 J. Stacey

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