Jennifer M Stacey, MS, Pilates Workshops, Rome, Italy, July 9-11! Immersion™ July 12-14

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Jennifer M. Stacey, MS, 2nd generation Pilates Teachers’ Teacher is looking forward to teaching Studio Pilates Workshops and Pilates sessions at Pilates4u in Rome, Italy, July 10, 11!  and Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™  course July 12-14 (18 PMA CECs) at the Rome Forum Sports Center. The workshops and the Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™  course in Rome have been postponed. Please stay tuned.  If you have a specific date you would like for these exciting events to happen in 2019 or 2020 – please contact

“I always think of Jennifer as the best teacher I have ever met.”    
 “Jennifer is a brilliant Teachers’ Teacher.”

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Alex Siragusa, SuRain Kim. Spread Eagle. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.Addressing Back Problems with Pilates. 4 PMA CECs. 9:30 – 13:30.   Dr. Gotz Lehle will lecture on the spine, function and inter-connections for 1 hour.  Discover solutions for preventing and overcoming back and neck problems. Design an effective Pilates progam using the Apparatus and Mat. There will be a brief review of: A) Discs, dura, stenosis, ‘spondys’, sacral iliac. Function and interconnections. Contra-indications. B) Factors that influence movement and pain. C) Basic principles Bob Hall. Jennifer Stacey. Prone Press. copyright 2007 Jennifer Staceyfrom other health professions. Know when to refer your clients to Health practitioners. D) The stretch reflex. Learn when stretching is or is not. Learn how to modify and teach proper mechanics for each client and their condition. Hone your ‘eye.’ Perform Pilates and skills inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais, Physio-synthesis®. Pilates is a phenomenal system to prevent, manage and overcome back issues. Your ‘back’ clients will soon become “fit” clients. Release the hips, back, neck and shoulders. Find the Serapé and centers to promote functional mobility. Stay tuned. $180 includes 4.4% credit card fee. See below for payment link.

Alex Siragusa. Reverse Swan Teaser. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.Opening the lower back ribs with the Wunda Chair. 14:30 – 16:30.  2 PMA CECs. In this fun, transformative workshop, learn to suspend yourself up, and initiate movement by filling the lower lobes of your lungs, while performing the Pilates Wunda Chair repertoire. ‘Lower-back-side’ breathing mobilizes, stabilizes and encourages recruitment of the wings and deep center. Successful Pilates’ performance and pelvis alignment depends upon lower-back-side breathing and releasing the lower back ribs, especially in the intermediate and advanced skills. Learn effective cues and technique that will help you and your clients quickly conquer the Wunda Chair repertoire. Open the lower back ribs and feel the internal shower that J. Pilates described. $90 includes 4.4% credit card fee. See below for payment link.

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Classic Pilates Mat Class inspired by the Pilates Elders, and Movement Perspectives™  17:00 – 18:30. Learn the flow, breath, sequencing and transitions of an advanced Classic Pilates Mat class with proper biomechanics. Variations, modifications, transitions cues and images from the Pilates Elders including Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Romana Kryzanowska and Eve Gentry will be presented. Learn to rotate around the axis of your ears and xiphoid, and open the lower back ribs. Explore the Mat for a deeper workout and understanding. Enjoy the wonders and wisdom of Pilates!  $60 includes 4.4% credit card fee. See below for payment link.

Thursday, July 11.  10:30 – 13:30, 14:30 – 17:30      

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Learning from the Pilates Elders: Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry, Romana Kryzanowska, Bruce King. 6 PMA CECs. Fascinating, ingenious, highly effective Apparatus, Mat skills, breathing skills, images, cues, transitions Jennifer learned from her
teachers. Kathy Grant Mat, her Cats and Laterals, Reformer, Cadillac,
Chair, Ladder Barrel skillsand her props. Ron Fletcher inspired Spine Corrector, Chair and Innovative Reformer.  Favorite Romana cues, transitions. Eve Gentry Mat; Release the neck, back, hips, shoulders. Alex Siragusa. Horseback front. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.Many of Eve’s skills are inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais and are phenomenal at addressing neck, shoulder and back problems. You will notice profound changes in your body, such as opening of the shoulders and back, and release of neck tension. You will also learn gems from other Elders such as Carola Trier. Jennifer feels so fortunate to have learned from, befriended, hosted and even taught several Pilates Elders. Come and be inspired by their spirit and wisdom!   $270 includes 4.4% credit card fee. See below for payment link.

Martine Curtis Oakes. Rowing Back 1. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.

Pei-Yi Cheng, Faith O'Neal. Long Spine Stretch. Copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.

Pilates Apparatus group or private sessions by appointment July 9, 10. Email Jennifer.

Flyer:  Italy flyer 2019

Application: Registration for J Stacey Italy WS 2019


at the Roma Forum Sport Center. via Cornelia, 493, Rome. Easy to get to by train and car. SW Rome.

If you are interested in purchasing a Wunda Chair or Spine Corrector
from TecnoPilates, that you can pick up at the Workshop in Rome,
please contact Paolo Piccolo
TecnoPilates is kindly supplying Wunda Chairs and Spine Correctors to the workshop. 

 Jennifer M. Stacey, MS, an Exercise Physiologist, Biomechanist, Author has been teaching Pilates worldwide for 30 years. She was lucky to study from Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, and Eve Gentry (and other Elders). Ron Fletcher traveled to SF to rehab his shoulder with Jennifer. Kathy Grant took workshops from Jennifer and gave her permission to teach her work. Romana approved her as a Pilates teacher of her work. Jennifer has enjoyed co-teaching and learning from several revered health professionals who inform her teaching, and advance Jennifer’s ability to reveal the intelligence and wonder of Pilates. Jennifer is the author of several Pilates manuals and is the creator of Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™. See bio of Dr. Lehle below.

Leg Pull Back © 2015 J Stacey

Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ course.  July 12 – 14, Rome, Italy! Rome Forum Sports Center.   18 PMA CECs.

“I got a 1000 hours of information from the 18 hour IPA™ course.” KP
“With every experience of Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ I learn new insights that directly transfer to teaching in the studio. I’m falling in love with  Pilates all over again, it’s great!”   FS  

A rare opportunity to study Pilates from Jennifer M. Stacey, MS, 2nd generation Pilates Teachers’ Teacher, in a Small Group and beautiful setting. Learn images, cues and wisdom from several Master Elder Pilates Teachers. A fun, exhilarating, challenging way to explore Classic Pilates in, on and by the water.

Enhance your teaching and knowledge of Pilates in the Studio and outside. Advance your opportunities to teach Pilates. Teach Mat and Apparatus repertoire outside, in retreats, clubs, in facilities that do not have apparatus, client’s pools, etc. 

Following Joseph Pilates’ philosophy to “Never fail to get all the sunshine and fresh air you can” ‘and work in the water’.  The wiggle of the water adds an extra proprioceptive challenge that makes you instantly access the centers. The support of the water allows you to learn the advanced repertoire earlier, even if you have injuries. IPA™ deepens your understanding and cueing of Pilates. Space is limited to 10 students in Rome.  Sign up early!

For information, to register, email Jennifer You can purchase below.

Rome IPA™ flyer: IPARome19flyer

Information IPA™ packet:IPACert2019

Rome IPA™ Course Application: IPAcertapplicRome2019

Moraga, CA IPA™ flyer (May 31 – June 2): IPAMoraga19flyer

If you would like to host an IPA, or Studio Pilates Workshops, contact Jennifer at the above email.     All photos copyright Jennifer Stacey.



Sign up here for Jennifer Stacey’s workshops! Pay in dollars ahead of time, or in Euros the day of the workshops. Get a discount on signing up for the 3 workshops, and also the Mat Class!  Email Jennifer (see above email) to sign up for a private, duet or trio apparatus session at Pilates4u.  All prices include 4.4% credit card fee. Paypal:

J Stacey Workshops

Sign up here for the exciting Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ course.  July 12 – 14. $860 plus bank fee.  Paypal:

We seem to be having a problem with the Rome IPA™ Paypal payment button. Please go to this link scroll down and you can purchase the course there.   (the workshop button works).

Dr. Gotz Lehle, MD is an Orthopedic Doctor from Germany, who lives in Florence, Italy and practices and teaches regularly in Germany, Italy, Paris, London and New York. Dr. Lehle is a certified Gyrotonic(r) Practitioner and has professional training in M. Feldenkrais(r), Chirotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Osteopathy, Injury Recall Technique, Posturology, Nutrition in Competitive Sports. Having been an actor and comedian, Dr. Lehle specializes in Medicine for musicians, dancers and performers. He teaches Performing Arts Medicine at several institutions and organizations in Italy and Germany, and lectures at Dance Medicine and Performing Arts Medicine conferences. Dr. Lehle presents the Applied Kinesiology lectures in Jennifer Stacey’s Movement Perspectives(tm), part of the Peak Performance Pilates’ teachers’ education courses that were taught in Paris, France and Zurich, Switzerland. A gifted health professional and teacher, with an avid following in many countries, Dr. Lehle impressively speaks and writes fluently in English, German, Italian and French.

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