Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ Class, Fridays, 1pm. March 8.

Starting March 8 Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ Class will start back up at Moraga Country Club, Fridays at 1 pm.  Space limited to 5 people.  contact Jennifer

Enhance your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination while playing in and by the water! Discover the newest, most exhilarating body/mind conditioning that deeply works your abdominal, shoulder, back and hip muscles.  Open your shoulders and hips, lengthen your spine, flatten your stomach.

Sit Twist 2016 J Stacey

Leg Pull Back © 2015 J Stacey

QR Side Leg Kick©2015 JStacey

Rocking, copyright 2015 J Stacey

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