Breathing skills during CA bad air days

California is sadly plagued with fires and bad air. We hope you can donate to organizations that help the fire victims – SF Chronicle, NY Times, Sacramento Bee list some organizations. Please avoid going outside. If you have to, it is recommended to wear an N95 filter, plus sunglasses (or goggles) and a hat to help the eyes. Breathe through your nose. Run Hepa air filters in your rooms. When you are in the room with the air filtered you can try these breathing skills:

The One Hundred inhaling 5 counts, exhaling at least 10 counts to squeeze the smoky air out.

Blow all of the air out slowly (as if blowing gently on a string), then at the end try to count out loud (speaking). Lie supine for this.

Breathe into the sides and lower back lungs near your kidneys.

Radishes help with inflamed bronchioles.

The liver loves lemon water.  The throat likes ginger tea with fresh ginger.

Avoid all forms of sugar, dairy as these increase inflammation and mucous.

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