Dr. Gotz Lehle workshop: The Diaphragm, Psoas, Pelvic Floor & their connections in the body. 8/24/18

Announcing an exciting workshop: The Diaphragm  – Psoas – Pelvic Floor and their connections in the body” taught by Dr. Gotz Lehle, who comes here all of the way from Italy.   Friday, August 24, 3 pm – 7 pm.

  • Diaphragm – Psoas – Pelvic Floor and their connections with other parts of the body. Anatomy, Functional Anatomy, Physiology. Examples from the audience, many practical exercises!  2.5 hours of theory and 1.5 hours of practical breathing exercises and movement.

Goals: to understand about function and importance of the diaphragm, the psoas and the pelvic floor (and so about the importance of proper breathing) and their connections in the body. Learning some simple but effective and fun breathing exercises and movement. For all people who work with their own body (dancers, acrobats, musicians, sports people, yoga teachers etc….) and for everyone who works (or teaches) on other bodies!

Space is limited.  Details to be announced.  $200 payment by check/cash. ($206 if paid by cc & paypal). It is possible to pay by Paypal.   It is located at the Peak Performance Pilates San Francisco center. 126 Post Street, 3rd floor. Between Grant and Kearny. Near the BART station.

Flyer: Gotz flyer 2018          Registration Form to download: Registration for Dr Gotz 2018


Dr. Lehle may be available for private consultations Friday and Saturday (August 24, 25). 1 hour. $195 for first hour. $175 for follow ups.

4 PMA CEC’s may be offered.


Dr. Gotz Lehle, MD is an Orthopedic Doctor from Germany, who lives in Florence, Italy and practices and teaches regularly in Germany, Italy, Paris, London and New York. Dr. Lehle is a certified Gyrotonic(r) Practitioner and has professional training in M. Feldenkrais(r), Chirotherapy, Applied Kinesiology, Osteopathy, Injury Recall Technique, Posturology, Nutrition in Competitive Sports. Having been an actor and comedian, Dr. Lehle specializes in Medicine for musicians, dancers and performers. He teaches Performing Arts Medicine at several institutions and organizations in Italy and Germany, and lectures at Dance Medicine and Performing Arts Medicine conferences. Dr. Lehle presents the Applied Kinesiology lectures in Jennifer Stacey’s Movement Perspectives(tm), part of the Peak Performance Pilates’ teachers’ education courses that were taught in Paris, France and Zurich, Switzerland. A gifted health professional and teacher, with an avid following in many countries, Dr. Lehle impressively speaks and writes fluently in English, German, Italian and French.

The workshop is located at Peak Performance Pilates, 126 Post Street, 3rd floor. Between Grant and Kearny.  Near the Montgomery BART station.

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