Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ course. Moraga, CA. May/June. Barcelona, Spain. June 16 – 18. Earn 18 PMA CECs.

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Advance your Pilates teaching in the studio. Expand your opportunities to teach Pilates (outside, at retreats, pools, clubs, HOAs, client’s pools, etc). Enhance your Classic Pilates knowledge, while outdoors in a beautiful setting.  Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ course. Moraga, CA.  May/JuneBarcelona, Spain. June 16 – 18. Earn 18 PMA CECs. Classic Pilates in, on and by the water. Learn the images, cues and wisdom of the Pilates Elders. “Exhilarating!”  Explore Classic Pilates with Jennifer M. Stacey, MS, 2nd Generation Pilates Teacher, Exercise Physiologist/ Biomechanist. The dates for the Moraga Course have changed for May/June: Friday 5/11, 5/18 (12:30 – 4:30 pm), 6/1 (12 -2 pm), Sunday 6/3 (11-3). 1 more day tba.   Flyer:  IPAMay18flyer

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More IPA™ courses: Barcelona, Spain. June 16 – 18.  At the Beautiful Club Nàutic El Masnou on the beach. 20 minutes north of Barcelona.    Jennifer may also be teaching Pilates sessions in a Barcelona studio. Flyer: IPABarcelona18flyer  Other IPAcourses and Pilates workshops:  Maui, Hawaii, summer.  Helsinki, Finland; 3rd-4th week of October (Pilates workshops, Sessions at Studio Heikki, Somatic & IPA™). 

“I got a thousand hours of information from the 18 hour course.” KP
“With every experience of Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ I learn new insights that directly transfer to teaching in the studio. I’m falling in love with Pilates all over again, it’s great!”

“I Always think of Jennifer as the best teacher I have ever met”  

 “I feel  IPA™ will be the future of water exercise or at least a wonderful addition to fitness in the water.” RH, General Manager of Moraga Country Club.

 Sign up early, space is limited (6 – 8 people).

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Find your deep centers immediately.  IPA™ honors Joe and Clara’s system, and his advice to “get as much fresh air as you can, and work in the water.” Become a licensed Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ (IPA™) Teacher and even a licensed  IPA™ Teachers’ educator.  The course reviews the following: a Movement Perspectives™ lecture, and Pilates in, on or above the water, approximately: 5 – 6 hours each of The Reformer, Mat, and Chairs Repertoire, 2 hours of Cadillac repertoire, Ped-u-pol, Barrels, etc.  Moraga course: $750 plus pool fee. ($10 per day (rate subject to change) depending on which pool it is located at). Barcelona course $850 (includes 3X daily club fee).  Includes: comprehensive, detailed manual ($90 value), workout cards, and more. Discounts on the IPA™ board kit, supplies and Peak Performance Pilates manuals. Price for out of town courses tbd.
Learn how to safely perform and teach each Pilates skill, plus the following: Movement Perspectives™, Performance, Biomechanics Modification, Variations, Sequencing, Transitions, Levels, Benefits, Challenges specific to water, Contra-indications. Similarities and differences with the Pilates apparatus vs water, Spotting each skill. Cues and skills from the Pilates Master Elders.  General information packet: IPACert2018

Becoming a licensed IPA™ teacher includes education support, free continuing education, advertising and advertising materials, referrals, support and the joy of teaching Pilates in the water!  Shirley Archer (Pilates Teacher) wrote an article for IDEA Fitness Journal in May 2017: Water Fitness: The Science behind the Splash. P. 36 – 44. She states several studies. “Experts agree that water fitness is positioned for significant growth owing to changing demographics, improved equipment options and greater public awareness.”  “A new era of water fitness is here.” “Mounting research on the benefits of Aquatics Exercise supporting the claim that it helps people of all ages and ability levels.”

Take this opportunity to study with Jennifer Stacey, MS, a Second Generation teacher’s teacher who has been teaching Pilates around the world for 29 years. Jennifer founded one of the first dedicated Pilates facilities in the Bay Area. She was lucky enough to study from Romana, Ron, Kathy and Eve (and other Elders). Ron Fletcher traveled to SF to rehab his shoulder with Jennifer. Kathy Grant took workshops from Jennifer and gave her permission to teach her work. Romana approved her as a Pilates teacher of her work. Jennifer has enjoyed co-teaching and learning from several revered health professionals who inform her teaching, and advance Jennifer’s ability to reveal the intelligence and wonder of Pilates.

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Testimonials for Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™:
I was lucky to get a chance to experience Jennifer Stacey’s new Pilates in the water. I’ve been practicing Pilates for close to 30 years, and teaching for 20. Feeling the work in the water was an amazing experience. My body was able to organize around the central axis and deeply feel the spinal flexion, extension, twisting and side bending of the work. For some reason the support of the water made it easier to feel the movement originating from the core. I highly recommend this work for anyone at any level to feel the Pilates work as it was intended. – Carol LeMaitre

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I had a blast doing Pilates Aquatics™ with Jennifer Stacey! As a Pilates teacher myself, I was amazed by how well Jennifer translated the Classical Pilates exercises to be done in the water. Pilates Aquatics enables you to easily feel your core working, and being in the pool is an especially safe way to exercise. This workout is both fun and challenging for beginning to advanced students of Pilates. – Alicia Stone

Pilates Aquatics was full of “Aha!” moments for me. Doing Pilates in the water provided a slight shift in physics that allowed me to immediately feel the work in a deep way. The exercises felt very accessible, and working out in a pool setting is brilliantly energizing!
– Lawrence Stone

The Pilates Aquatics™ was an excellent method of doing Pilates.  What I found was that, despite the fact I have been doing Pilates for over 12 years, Pilates Aquatics™ requires greater effort to do the simplest Pilates exercises correctly which leads to a deeper level of work for the core muscles.  The need for a greater amount of balance due to the board buoyancy seems to exaggerate even the smallest movement, thereby requiring more concentration and doing the exercise correctly.  It is an exercise method I would strongly recommend. – Ken Klein

I have been “Seraped!” I thought I understood the Serape;  the wing – center connection.   But now I really do after a day of IPA™! – SW

IPA™ makes Pilates honest –  Aliccia Ricci

Testimonials from Pilates workshops Jennifer taught in London:

“Thank you for one of the most informative and well taught workshops (March 9th Release the Rib cage… ) I have attended this year.” “Always think of you as the best teacher I have ever met and still hope that you will be coming to London very soon.” “I really enjoyed your workshops and have spent the last few weeks trying to embed the work into my own teaching and practice. And: my clients have really benefited from this new approach. I really want to learn more from you, so please do let me know whenever you’re in Europe or the UK.  Thank you once again for your truly inspiring workshops!”   Thank you for the great workshopI am interested in coming to your retreat in the Algarve in July.”   “Thank you for leading a great workshop. I have been teaching matwork for 10 years, but the workshop made me realise I remain a novice when it come to the traditional work. The experience went some way to me deciding to enroll on a fully comprehensive teacher training course.” “A joy to meet you and a real treat to have the wonderful input you gave from your decades of experience, thank you!” “Thank you very much for the amazing workshop and private session.” “It’s been amazing meeting you, and I feel honored to have had the chance to attend your amazing workshop here in London, and to have had the opportunity to do a private session with you. You are an amazing teacher and I’m very grateful for everything that you have taught me. I hope you will come again to London in the near future.” “I really enjoyed your detailed analysis of the repertoire, something that I felt was missing from my training and that I have been putting together for myself over time. Hence my ordering all your books!” “Loved it! Come back again soon 🙂 !” ” Thank you for today’s workshop in London. Got loads out of it, really inspiring stuff!”  “I hope you will be coming to London soon to do some workshops. That would be amazing.” 

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