Jennifer Stacey workshop at PMA conference 10/28

Instantly access your centers and release hypertonic muscles!

Is stretching appropriate? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Did your back ever spasm after you stretched it? Do you feel ‘guarding’ in the area of an injury? Welcome to the stretch reflex! The stretch reflex often makes it difficult to recover from injury and bad posture, as it can vary day to day. 

The stretch reflex can also be beneficial if we use it in the correct manner. In Pilates, the stretch reflex is involved with animating the center through proper biomechanics, side back breathing and reaching the limbs long through space. Using imagery such as “When in doubt reach out” “reach the wall” or “opposition” often results in automatic recruitment of the two centers of the body. It is the key to allowing functional interaction of the various fascial and muscular interconnections, synergies and slings. We can optimize our relationship with gravity and enhance performance through the use of these interactions.

Once you know how to recognize and deal with the reflex, you can enhance mobility, flexibility, function and performance.

Learn how to magically address problems and enhance Pilates’ performance immediately in this fun, transformative class.

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