Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ Teachers’ Course, May 2016

The Rocking copyright 2015 J Stacey

The Rocking copyright 2015 J Stacey

The Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ (IPA™)  Teachers’ Course will be offered April 29, May 1, 6, 8, 13, 2016*. Earn 20 PMA CECs. Experience Joe and Clara Pilates’ repertoire in, on and around the water!  Enjoy the wonders of Classic Pilates in a fun, challenging and supportive environment.

The 20 hour IPA™course will be offered in Moraga, California by the inventor and creator of IPA™, Jennifer M Stacey, MS, Second Generation Pilates Teacher, Exercise Physiologist/Biomechanist.

copyright 2015 J Stacey Side Leg Kick Series

copyright 2015 J Stacey
Side Leg Kick Series

Become a licensed IPA™ teacher and even an IPA™ Teacher’s educator. It follows Joseph Pilates philosophy to workout in water and get as much sunshine as possible.

Content: Movement Perspectives™ lectures and approximately 6 hours of The Reformer, Mat, Chairs repertoire, 2 hours of Cadillac, Barrels, etc. repertoire in, on and above the water. $750 + pool fee ($7 per day (subject to change)). Includes comprehensive manuals, workout cards, etc. Plus discounts for IPA™ board kit, supplies, Peak Performance Pilates manuals.  Fridays: April 29, May 13 (10-3:30 pm), May 6 (1 -5 pm). Sundays May 1, 8 (10-1:30 pm). Days and times subject to change. *If the majority of participants are from out of town, the course will be offered on one weekend, 4 days, for 5 hours per day. dtb. (April 29 – May 2 or May 13-16).

IPAReverseSwan0472copyright2015JStaceyIf you would like to host an IPA™ course contact Jennifer Stacey, MS.

An abbreviated course for Physical Therapists will be offered in the future. Stay tuned for more courses worldwide.

For information, a brochure or application contact Jennifer Stacey  at  Go to the following link on IPA™


“I was lucky to get a chance to experience Jennifer Stacey’s new Pilates in the water. I have been practicing Pilates for close to 30 years, and teaching for 20. Feeling the work in the water was an amazing experience. My body was able to organize around the central axis and deeply feel the spinal flexion, extension, twisting and side bending of the work. For some reason the support of the water made it easier to feel the movement originating from the core. I highly recommend this work for anyone at any level to feel the Pilates work as it was intended.” – Carol LeMaitre

HGdls2100copyright2015JStacey “I had a blast doing Pilates Aquatics™ with Jennifer Stacey! As a Pilates teacher myself, I was amazed by how well Jennifer translated the Classical Pilates exercises to be done in the water. Pilates Aquatics enables you to easily feel your core working, and being in the pool is an especially safe way to exercise. This workout is both fun and challenging for beginning to advanced students of Pilates.” – Alicia Stone

For more testimonials go to the website link above.  Thank you!

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