The Scissors teaching tip

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Raisa Punkki – Scissors, copyright 2010 J Stacey

The Scissors and Bicycle are difficult skills. Imagine you are performing them on a Spine Corrector (Step Barrel). The following tip is a detail that the Pilates Elders often stressed: The stabilizing leg should be as vertical as possible (here the left leg), reaching up to the sky. It should not move towards the nose. The moving leg, (here the right leg) should reach as far away from the nose (like you are reaching for the step on a Step Barrel (Spine Corrector)), stretching the front of the hip. Think of skiing (sliding) the right foot along the ceiling.  Reaching up through the legs will animate (the stretch reflex) the center and left the weight off of the arms and torso. Keep the heart down away from the chin.  More tips on The Scissors and Bicycle next blog.

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