Jennifer teaching workshop at the PMA conference, Denver 11/15

John Skerry. Chest Expansion. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.Jennifer Stacey, MS will be teaching a workshop at the PMA conference in Denver, CO, Thursday, Nov. 5th @ 3:45 pm. Pilates from the Wings: The power of the Serape and scapular muscles through the alignment of the arm and hand.  

Discover the secret to moving from your wings and Serape. Effectively use the two “centers” to enhance performance, prevent and address injuries, back and neck problems. Align your arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand and fingers to connect to the armpit and wings while performing Pilates on the Mat and various apparatus.

TherRaisa Back Cadillac underspringe are two centers of the body: The cylinder of the trunk and the lower scapular area (“wings”). To recruit the main center (the cylinder) you have to recruit the wings. To recruit the wings you need to align the upper limb. The key to recruiting the trunk and wing centers is correct alignment of the fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow and shoulder.

Martine Curtis Oakes. Rowing Back 1. copyright 2007 Jennifer Stacey.Learn proper hand placement on The Pilates Mat, barres, pedal, handles and straps to promote efficient and centered movement. This enhances performance and places less stress upon the back, neck, shoulders and wrists.

Stay tuned!

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