Knee problems – some solutions

Approaching knee problems should be multifold: Mobilize the foot, the lower leg, the hip and the psoas and encourage proper alignment. The 26 (or 24) bones of the foot should articulate so perform foot circles while spreading the toes. Perform the Carola Trier pinky ball exercises, the Toe Corrector repertoire and a multitude of other foot skills. Ensure the tibia and fibula are rotating properly, so perform circles with the lower leg while the leg is in the air (slowly). If the lower leg is not rotating-counter rotating on the leg, the stress will go to the knee. Release the psoas, massage and stretch the ITband. Activate the hamstrings (the biggest stabilizers of the knee), the inner thighs and VMO. Encourage the leg “sling” that aligns the entire lower limb described in Movement Perspectives ™. There are several good skills that will be described in later posts. Review gait training and the mechanics of going up stairs using the hip extensors.

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