Side Leg Kick – Spine Alignment

spine1copyrightstacey2013spine2copyrightstacey2013There are 2 options for the placement of the head and spine in the Side Leg Kick: 1. The head is down (on a cushion, pillow or on the arm). 2. The head and waist are up so the spine is straight. The crown of the head reaches towards the wall. There is a picture of Mr. Pilates from the backSide Leg Kick Waist Sp performing the Side Leg Kick. His spine is straight and neck is long. Please do NOT have the head up and the waist down. It is common to see this in pictures. Is the head in line with the spine when only the head is up? No. The pictures of the spine reveal what happens to the spine when the head is up and the waist is down. The upper side is impinged. Perform the Side Leg Kick in an elongated, aligned spine and enjoy!

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