J Stacey Workshop in NY 3/16

Saturday, March 16, 2013 1:30 pm – 5:00 pm.  3-3.5 PMA CECs (in process). Rolates Pilates, New York.     Jennifer Stacey will be teaching the popular workshop: Honoring the Psoas in Pilates and movement  Participants will learn to optimize the function of the iliopsoas in Pilates. Participants will perform skills from Pilates and M. Feldenkrais® that encourage psoas mobility and function, with emphasis placed upon proper technique, effective imagery and cuing. Learn how to effectively stretch and release the psoas, perform Pilates skills with optimal psoas placement, diminish over-recruitment of the hip flexors and increase use of ‘center.’ Learn how to anchor the origins of the psoas during skills such as The Hundred, The Nasty Five, Teaser, Footwork and Leg Springs, which enhances use of center and reduces stress placed on the spine and hips. To register: info@rolates.com. 939 8th Ave., Suite 207, NY, NY 10019. 212-247-9603. $115.  flyer:Psoas NY 2013 flyer

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