Workshops in Livorno, Italy July 16, 17

Jennifer Stacey will be teaching workshops at Eukinesis in Livorno, Italy, July 16, 14- 19 pm  and 17, 10am- 7 pm. Viale Caprera 17 – 57123 Livorno. +39 0586.891484. Topics:

1.The head, neck (and spinal) position in Pilates. The head and spinal alignment will be reviewed in a few Pilates skills. Proper biomechanics and common aberrant mechanics for each skill will be presented.  A medical explanation for why it is risky to perform improper mechanics.  A medical explanation will portray the benefits of performing the skills with proper mechanics. Imagery, cueing and nutritional advice and acupressure points will be provided to enhance performance of each skill. Saturday, July 16, 2 – 7 pm.
2. Honoring the psoas, and the spine and pelvis will follow. July 17, 10 am – 5 pm.  Honoring Psoas Italy Italy flyer


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