Pilates Health Forum: Placement of the Head, Neck and the Spine in Pilates, May 1

Announcing Forum One of the Pilates Health Forum Series:

“The Placement of the Head and Neck (and spine) in the Pilates’ Repertoire.” Enhance Pilates performance and discover solutions for movement problems and injury through a Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, Naturopathic, Nutritional, Applied Kinesiology, Osteopathic, Motor Control, Pilates’ and M. Feldenkrais® based perspective.”

by Dr. Chady Wonson, D.C., LAc., C.T.N., C.N.C., Dr. Richard Robertshaw, D.C.,      Jennifer M. Stacey, M.S. (Exercise Physiologist, Pilates teacher)                                Sunday, May 1, 2011. 12 noon – 4 pm. $100. San Francisco Peak Performance Pilates.  info@peakperformancepilates.com Forum Flyer2011 Forum Registration


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