Movement Perspectives™. vol. 1.

Movement Perspectives™. vol. 1. (English, French). Develop the foundation for teaching Pilates. History of Joe and Clara, Pilates principles and goals, concepts, the 16 basic Pilates skills, imagery, cues, program design. Gender differences. Organ-muscle relationships. Factors that influence performance. Basic principles of bio-mechanics, physiology, neuro-muscular re-education, the science of Pilates, anatomy of breathing. Is stretch appropriate? Posture and Gait analysis. Business of Pilates. Pre-Pilates: Movements inspired by M. Feldenkrais, Physio-synthesis™ and physical therapy, that prepare the body for Pilates. 176 pages, 714 photos, 42 original illustrations. English: $74.95, French: $82.98, plus tax & ship. Author: Jennifer M. Stacey, M.S.      Contributers: Jarmo Ahonen, P.T., Marika Molnar, P.T., LAc., Andreas Risch, D.O., P.T., Richard Robertshaw, D.C., Chady Wonson, D.C., LAc., C.N.T., C.N.C.

Ron Fletcher (Master Elder Pilates Teacher):
“This is an awesome and wonderful piece of work Jennifer Stacey has produced—The best academic study of Joseph Pilates’ body Contrology I have seen—She really shows and tells you what this work is about, the specificity, the depth and quality—and the study and work required to become a teacher prepared to pass it on!   This is not an “easy read” but invaluable to the serious student—and great for the archives.”

Marika Molnar, P.T.:
“Movement Perspectives™ is full of valuable information from a variety of disciplines that will be useful to Pilates teachers.  I especially like the sections on Breathing and Preparing the Body.  I would encourage anyone involved with movement to use this book.”

“Jennifer Stacey’s ‘Movement Perspectives Manual Volume I’ is by far the most comprehensive treatment of Introductory Pilates that I have ever seen.  It covers so much more than Joe’s exercises:  from how muscles work, to how to breathe, from how one might assess a client’s posture, to examples of  language imagery for teachers.  Jennifer has thought of everything, and provided meticulous detail that should please even the most thoughtful Pilates student.  She has worked tirelessly on this first volume, and I can’t wait to see the next one!”
Jillian Hessel, Pilates Teacher, Author.

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