Movement Perspectives™ II: Client edition.

Movement Perspectives™ II: Client edition. 156 pages $64.95 + tax & ship. Client edition of Movement Perspectives™.  A well received comprehensive manual that creates a foundation to understand Pilates and Movement: Joseph and Clara Pilates’ History, Master Teachers, Principles and concepts, Imagery, Program Design, Neuro-muscle Physiology, Breathing, Kinesiology, Pilates Kinesiology, Breathing, Organ-Muscle Relationship, Factors that influence movement, Posture and Gait Analysis. Detailed instructions on performing Pre-Pilates movements inspired by M. Feldenkrais, Physio-synthesis™ and physical therapy, that prepare the body for Pilates. Author: Jennifer M. Stacey, M.S.     Contributers: Jarmo Ahonen, P.T., Marika Molnar, P.T., LAc., Richard Robertshaw, D.C., Chady Wonson, D.C., LAc., C.N.T., C.N.C.

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