Enjoying the new space on Geary St.

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Ladder Barrel inspiration

In our lovely Half Moon Bay Studio, John discovers the joy of the Ladder Barrel with a makeshift one!

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First day at 323 Geary

We enjoyed our first day teaching at our lovely new studio at 323 Geary St, Suite 510. We even get to see the sunset on the TransAmerica building!

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A New Year, A New Studio!

We have successfully arrived at our new beautiful studio on 323 Geary Street, suite 510. We celebrated in Romana’s fashion.  We look forward to thoroughly enjoying it.

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SF studio moving to a new home!

The San Francisco Studio is moving December 31, 2018, a couple of blocks away, into a beautiful space with a high ceiling, wood floor, large light filled windows and a view of Union Square!

 All ready to go to our new San Francisco studio at 323 Geary St, suite 510, Monday!
It has been 14 years of fun at Post Street. 

Mr Sweets is ready to go..

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays. May laughter fill your life.

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Breathing skills during CA bad air days

California is sadly plagued with fires and bad air. We hope you can donate to organizations that help the fire victims – SF Chronicle, NY Times, Sacramento Bee list some organizations. Please avoid going outside. If you have to, it is recommended to wear an N95 filter, plus sunglasses (or goggles) and a hat to help the eyes. Breathe through your nose. Run Hepa air filters in your rooms. When you are in the room with the air filtered you can try these breathing skills:

The One Hundred inhaling 5 counts, exhaling at least 10 counts to squeeze the smoky air out.

Blow all of the air out slowly (as if blowing gently on a string), then at the end try to count out loud (speaking). Lie supine for this.

Breathe into the sides and lower back lungs near your kidneys.

Radishes help with inflamed bronchioles.

The liver loves lemon water.  The throat likes ginger tea with fresh ginger.

Avoid all forms of sugar, dairy as these increase inflammation and mucous.

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Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ in Helsinki. Preview of Europe 2019 course!

What a blast we had at the pool (and in the  hotel lobby) in Helsinki. Challenging our centers, elongating while giggling! I look forward to teaching an Immersion™ Pilates Aquatics™ course in Europe in 2019. Details to be announced. 

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IADMS, Studio Heikki, Helsinki fun

We certainly enjoyed learning and teaching at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science in Helsinki. The people are amazing, the lectures and workshops scintillating. I was proud to present Kathy Grant’s Cats and Laterals to an enthusiastic class.  Jarmo Ahonen’s lecture (as usual) was enlightening. The Chair Class I taught at Heikki’s studio was fun.

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Great times at Somatic Studio, Helsinki

Thank you, fabulous teachers for the wonderful time teaching at Somatic Studio, Helsinki! I always enjoy being at Somatic.

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