Why is Peak Performance unique?

Peak Performance offers quality, intelligent, personal service. Peak Performance has a highly trained, professional, advance degreed staff. The staff includes certified Pilates Movement teachers, a Ron Fletcher Pilates teacher, exercise physiologists, yoga, fitness, and dance teachers. Our teachers have studied with many of the Master Pilates teachers. We therefore revere and respect the entire system developed by Joseph Pilates.

We take a multidisciplinary approach to ensure the client obtains their maximum performance potential. We integrate the concepts of many disciplines such as the teachings of M. Feldenkrais, PhysioSynthesis, physical therapy and fitness to prepare the body to successfully perform Pilates in an effective manner. We encourage the principles be applied to all daily activities/sport/performance so the client experiences a total body and lifestyle transformation

The studios are: Convenient, beautiful, attractive, artistic, filled with an abundance of light and plants.

San Francisco
The San Francisco location is now home to The Pilates’ Collective and to Peak Performance Pilates.
126 Post Street, 3rd floor (in the back)
Telephone: 415.392.9662
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Half Moon Bay
717 Main Street. The nearest cross street is Correas.
Telephone: 650.726.1657
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We offer introductory sessions that allow us to see how the client moves, find out his/her goals, and any time, financial or physical restrictions the client may have. From this information we develop a program that best suits the client's needs for in the studio, at home and applications to any other activity he/she may do.

We do not require any membership or monthly fees.

A variety of programs are offered, depending on what type of session a client chooses and how many sessions he/she buys at once ($18 to $65 per hour). Discounted sessions taught by Apprentice sessions are available.

We offer Pilates:
  • Solo and Duet sessions (Half hour and one hour long sessions).
  • Trio apparatus sessions.
  • Group mat classes
  • Independent workouts for intermediate level clients.
  • Bodywork, workshops and movement sessions based on the teaching of M. Feldenkrais.
  • Physical Therapy.

Semiprivate apparatus (duet, trio and quartet) classes are available by appointment.  Participants are matched according to level, skill, time availability and by the presence of injuries. Other mat and apparatus classes to be offered soon.

San Francisco studio class schedule

Group Classes at the Pilates Collective

  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat

with Diane
All Levels

with Diane
All Levels
with Beth
All Levels
with Erika
with Diane
All Levels
with Noa
witih Jennifer

With Noa


with Noa

with Raisa
All Levels

Class size is limited. Please contact instructor for details.

Peak Performance also runs a comprehensive Pilates teachers' course in San Francisco and Europe.

We also host workshops taught by practitioners from around the world on various health and fitness issues.


We are pleased to announce the publication of several books:
1) The first volume (of 9) of Jennifer Stacey's Peak Performance Pilates Movement Education Program Teaching Manuals called "MOVEMENT PERSPECTIVES™" available now in in English and French. 8.5" X 11", 176 pages. 714 black and white photographs. Black and white. Wire-O binding.
2) MOVEMENT PERSPECTIVES™ II The Client Edition of Movement Perspectives™. Building a foundation to understanding Pilates and movement. 8.5" X 11", 156 pages. Black and white. Wire-O binding.
3) TEACHING THE UNIVERSAL REFORMER REPERTOIRE. 8.5" X 11", 256 pages. 2740 black and white photos. Black and white. Wire-O binding.
4) ROLLER PLAY™ Roller Repertoire. For students and teachers. 8.5" X 11", 40 pages. Wire-O binding. 232 photographs. Black and white edition: $28.99. Color edition: $48.99. Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to perform over 65 skills on the roller.

A flyer is attached for "Movement Perspectives™" and for the 9 comprehensive teaching manuals and mini-manuals . "Movement Perspectives™" is like having 8 books in one. It helps you develop a foundation from which to understand and teach Pilates and Movement. If you are interested in purchasing the Movement Perspectives™ books, please download and print out the attached order form and send to Peak Performance Pilates. You can also email Jennifer Stacey with any questions you may have: js@peakperformancepilates.com.


Ron Fletcher (Master Elder Pilates Teacher):
"This is an awesome and wonderful piece of work Jennifer Stacey has produced" The best academic study of Joseph Pilates' Body Contrology I have seen. She really shows and tells you what this work is about, the specificity, the depth and quality - and the study and work required to become a teacher prepared to pass it on! This is not an "easy read" but invaluable to the serious student - and great for the archives."

Jillian Hessel, Pilates Teacher, Author.
"Jennifer Stacey's 'Movement Perspectives Manual Volume I' is by far the most comprehensive treatment of Introductory Pilates that I have ever seen. It covers so much more than Joe's exercises: from how muscles work, to how to breathe, from how one might assess a client's posture, to examples of language imagery for teachers. Jennifer has thought of everything, and provided meticulous detail that should please even the most thoughtful Pilates student. She has worked tirelessly on this first volume, and I can't wait to see the next one!"

Marika Molnar, P.T.:
"Movement Perspectives™ is full of valuable information from a variety of disciplines that will be useful to Pilates teachers. I especially like the sections on Breathing and Preparing the Body. I would encourage anyone involved with movement to use this book."

teaching manuals
teaching manuals
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The Peak Performance People
Jennifer Stacey, MS.
Proprietor, Director
Jennifer Stacey is a teacher's teacher. Jennifer teaches the Peak Performance Pilates Education Program and workshops in the United States, Europe and Australia. She was one of the original 20 teachers for the Institute for the Pilates Method.
  • An internationally renown practitioner with a Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology (with an emphasis in biomechanics and dance medicine), Jennifer has extensive coaching and physical therapy experience. She has been a long time presenter in the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science Symposia.
  • Having been teaching Pilates since 1989, she is very fortunate to have studied with many of the Pilates master teachers, such as Kathy Grant, Romana Kryzanowka, Ron Fletcher, and attended workshops taught by Eve Gentry, Bruce King, Mary Bowen, and Lolita San Miguel.
  • Jennifer founded two of the Body Kinetics studios, and directed the Pilates based program there for 5 years.
  • Jennifer teaches workshops and presents her published research around the world. Jennifer is author of Movement Perspectives and Teaching the Universal Reformer Repertoire and is presently writing 7 more volume of the comprehensive Peak Performance Pilates Education Program teaching manuals.
  • Jeff Smith, B.A.
    Kim Salera
    Susan Whipp

    The Pilates Collective (San Francisco):

    Beth Clarke
    Beth Clarke has been a professionally touring circus performer and teacher for the past twelve years where her Pilates core stability has kept her balanced on a half inch piece of rope in front of audiences all over the world. First exposed to Pilates seven years ago, she has made it an integral part of her life since then. She was educated by Carol LeMaitre of Sanchez Street Studios and Sharon Gallagher of Ellie Herman Studios. Beth strives to make learning fun and challenging and to inspire curiosity and awareness in her classes. To learn more about Beth, check out her circus website at goodwithrope.com or sweetcanproductions.com.

    Faith O'Neal
    Faith has been studying dance for over 20 years and naturally progressed to teaching Pilates. In 2005 she completed a 2 year long intense Pilates instructor training course taught by world renowned Jennifer Stacey in San Francisco. Faith is consistently continuing her education in the Pilates method, along with teachings of M. Feldenkrais, Body Rolling Release techniques and other workshops. She is CPR certified and is also a member of the Pilates Method Alliance and IDEA Health & Fitness Association and adheres to their provincials.

    Raisa Punkki

    Noa Slemrod
    Noa Slemrod is a certified Pilates Teacher, in mat and all apparatus work. Noa completed her certification with Ellie Herman and continued her studies of Rehabilitation Pilates under the supervision of Lizz Roman. Noa enjoys teaching Pilates to all ages and levels, from the novice to the professional athlete. Though her formal education doesn't relate directly to her Pilates teaching, she constantly uses her critical thinking skills and education training to better instruct and train the Pilates method. Noa also has a BA in Political Science from Columbia University, a BA in Jewish Philosophy and an MA in Jewish Education from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

    Erika Linton
    Erika was first introduced to Pilates in 1992 as part of her training in classical ballet at Walnut Hill School for Performing Arts. She continued to practice Pilates as a method of conditioning, kinesthetic education, and rehabilitation throughout her dance career. After moving to Boulder, CO in 2001, Erika completed The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program. Erika also completed a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado where she additionally studied anatomy and physiology. Her teaching style is firmly based in classical Pilates and informed by her knowledge of yoga, anatomy, dance, and meditation. Erika believes deeply in Pilates as a transformational life practice, capable of creating vibrant health in mind, body, and spirit.

    Peak Performance Pilates Teachers’ Course

    Jennifer is available for teaching Pilates Teachers' courses, seminars and workshops in the USA and worldwide.

    The teachers' course is a comprehensive program that respects the work of Joe and Clara Pilates. The course is listed as "The most comprehensive course" in the Pilates Method Association.

    In the course you learn to: teach, cue, modify and spot the classic Pilates exercises on all apparatus; program design - levels, sequencing, transitions, insights from 5 Master Teachers; concepts; business management.

    The course is a comprehensive program to learn how to teach in a highly intelligent and kinesthetic manner.

    The course requires: 150 hours of lecture, 200 hours of observation, 600 hours of assistant teaching and paid supervised teaching, and taking Pilates 2 times a week.

    Prerequisites Experience in the following: Advanced Pilates in your body; movement teaching; being a mover (dancer, yoga, etc.); studies in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, physical rehabilitation.

    It requires dedication, commitment and a respect for the system that Joseph Pilates designed.

    The lectures are organized according to apparatus and level.

      1. PrePilates (prepares the body to do the Method more effectively)
      Movement Perspectives and concepts
      Historical context of Joseph and Clara Pilates and the Master teachers
      Posture Assessment
      Basic injury rehabilitation and prevention
      Movements based on teachings of M. Feldenkrais
      Dynamic Stabilization
      2. Beginning Cadillac

      3. Pilates Mat

      4. Reformer
      5. Intermediate/advanced Cadillac
      6. Chair
      7. Spine Corrector (small barrel)
      8. Ladder Barrel
      9. Auxiliary apparatus (including Pedopole)

    Each lecture is divided into various subject:

      a) Management: How to deal with clients, scheduling, pricing, what it takes to run a business.
      b) Marketing: Advertising, publicity.
      c) The language of teaching.
      d) The "eye" and "focus" of teaching.
      e) How to assisthands on, how to spot without endangering your own body.

    Each lecture is divided into Concepts of "how to teach".

      a) An exercise the mechanical, physiological and kinesiological principles behind the movement and its applications.
      b) When and how to introduce an exercise. The levels on each apparatus. How to modify a movement for a client.
      c) The order, modifications, transitions and sequencing and flow of exercises and why.
      d) All of the exercises on all of the equipment and how it relates between each piece of apparatus.
      e) How to develop a program for a client and how to customize and apply.
      f) How to deal with special problems.
      g) The versions of the various Master teachers
      (Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Ron Fletcher, Eve Gentry, Bruce King) will be presented to increase your understanding of the exercise, where it originated.

    In addition the following subjects will be reviewed:

    a) Muscle and nerve physiology
    b) Exercise physiology and application to "training principles"
    c) Kinesiology and biomechanics

    Practical and written Quizzes during the lectures. An entrance exam and final exam (written and practical) are required.


    A variety of wonderful people of all ages and condition come to Peak Performance to shape, rehabilitate and fine tune their bodies.

    Peak Performance Clients:
  • Business Professionals
  • US Men's Visa Decathlon Team
  • The cast and crew of the following companies: Phantom of the Opera • RENT • Miss Saigon • Chicago • ACT • Cats • Fiddler on the Roof • Radio City Hall Rockettes • Music of the Night • STOMP • American Ballet Theater • San Francisco Ballet • Joffrey Ballet • India Ink • Joseph and his Technicolor Dreamcoat • Golden Child • High Society • Showboat • Riverdance • Saturday Night Fever • Cabaret • Dirty Blonde • The Piano • Fosse • In the Bag of Cats • The Producers • The Paul Taylor Dance Company
  • Athletes: Professional bicyclists, tennis players, golfers, ice hockey players, marathon runners, triathletes, rock climbers, skiers, sailors, etc.
  • Doctors refer their clients to Peak Performance for rehabilitation.

  • Peak Performance Client Testimonials

    Melissa Errico (star of High Society) writes about her experience at Peak Performance:

    My work with Jennifer at Peak Performance has confirmed many of my beliefs about the Pilates based method. I am one of those people who is known to spend up to an hour on a treadmill or stairmaster hoping to achieve that next level of leanness and elongation (especially in the hips and thighs). Jennifer showed me you don't need to huff and puff on all these machines to achieve the elongation and slimness I am after. It's in the airy, clean, pretty and sunny studio that I made some real progress, and without the agony!

    To work at Peak Performance you have to be committed to learning about your body, to finding the smaller, deeper muscles in the mid back and the abdomen, to concentrating on what seems to be subtle exercises. Jennifer will give you strength and poise you never had!

    By working with me for several months, helping me slim down an inch here and there, and strengthening my neck, back and abdominals, I left San Francisco feeling taller, healthier, and more in tune with my body as a whole, like a dancer. I would recommend Peak Performance to anyone who has tried all the fads, done all the sweating they can stand and who finally wants to get it right!

    Get out of the gym and get over to Peak Performance! Jennifer is a woman of boundless energy and positive attitude, but even more importantly, she understands the body and will work with your needs. I have often found exercise and fitness instructors just have a set routine that they will do with everyone. Jennifer, however, is so knowledgeable that she will tailor a program just for you.

    As a dancer and a singer, I also found my work with Jennifer had some professional benefits which were key to my strength and consistency on stage. My feet and back were so strong, (thus preventing me from injury) and her work on breathing gave me more power and resonance in my singing I really relied on her training to prepare me for a vigorous performance 8 shows a week, and it paid off more than I ever imagined. I found the body work (the alignment, the integration of breath and movement, the concentration on lengthening while strengthening) gave me more energy overall. On those days I'd rather have been home sleeping and being lazy, I'd go to Jennifer and leave feeling full of positive energy buzzing and ready to have a great day!"

    Melissa Errico, actor, High Society

    DISCLAIMER: All references to Pilates and J. Pilates are in a descriptive or historical context.

    Kim Miyori of Golden Child writes of her experience at Peak Performance:

    Jennifer is a wellspring of knowledge, experience and bodywisdom which enables her to impart a clarity of and understanding of the work to her clients.

    I have been studying Pilates (and Pilatesbased work) for many years from a variety of trainers and Jennifer has, in a very short time, given me the kind of instruction and answers to questions that I've always desired but cold never find. Peak Performance has profoundly changed the way my body works and my approach to the work. I'll forever be grateful for all that they have shared with me.

    Thank you.

    Kim Miyori, actor, Golden Child
    I grew 3/4s of an inch!

    Rita Gianini, teacher
    I can finally touch my toes!

    Tom Bollinger, clerk
    Studying the principles of J. Pilates with Jennifer has helped me understand how my body can function most efficiently as a unit, making everything easier dance, exercise, etc. It has completely changed my presence both on stage and in everyday life.

    Megan Starr Levitt, singer, "Christine " in "Phantom of the Opera"
    The middle years of life can provide exciting new beginnings. Working with Peak Performance has allowed me the opportunity to improve my well being in strength, muscle tone, flexibility and energy level. I feel more physically prepared to face the potential challenges and opportunities for emotional growth during this time of transition."

    Pam Bollinger, corporate administrator
    Peak Performance has profoundly changed the way my body works.

    Kim Miyori, actor, "Golden Child"
    Thanks so much for the help and enthusiasm when we (STOMP) were in San Francisco. I equally appreciated your unique ability to embrace your consummate command of and dedication to the Pilates based method with welcoming warmth, creating a warm, fun learning environment. I had a great time with you guys and was so sorry to go. If I move to San Francisco, you can be sure I'll come straight to you for Pilates and Certification.

    Marsha Thompson, actor, dancer, "STOMP"



    Elle Magazine quotes:
    "This may be as close to the perfect workout as you can get."
    "The exercises devised by Germanborn Joseph Pilates are completely non impact and non weight bearing. They're gentle enough to be performed by the pregnant, sophisticated enough to challenge the superfit, and safe enough to be prescribed for rehabilitation."
    "...ever elusive harmony between mind and body."
    "It maintains that magic balance between strength and flexibility." Dr. William Hamilton
    "I see the same ladies going to aerobics every single day and their tushies are still hanging, their thighs and calves have gotten big. Pilates wants you to fight gravity, to stay youthful, to feel lifted and light! The Pilates Body is; long, slender thighs and calves, a strong back, a flat tummy and a high tushie" Romana Kryzanowska (doyenne of the Joseph Pilates studio in New York)
    "Pilates exercises have been renowned for producing lean, lithe physiqueswinning over those whose business was looking goodand those who didn't get paid if they were injured, like actors, figure skaters, assorted athletes, and the occasional model or actress."

    Joseph Pilates was often heard saying:

    "A few well designed movements, properly performed in a balanced sequence are worth hours of doing sloppy calisthenics or forced contractions."
    "Why spend 10 pounds of effort for one pound of work? Use half a pound of effort for one pound of work."

    Many people from all walks of life and all ages take Pilates. Some well known names include TV and movie stars, athletes

    Tiger Woods
    Joe Montana
    Steve Young
    Martina Navralitova
    Kristi Yamaguchi
    Jerry Rice
    Eric Wright
    Men's US Visa Decathalon team
    US Swim Team
    Paul Reiser
    Emma Thompson
    Candice Bergin
    Sir Laurence Olivier
    Katherine Hepburn
    Cary Grant
    Michael Tilson Thomas
    Olympia Dukakis
    Sigourney Weaver
    Holly Hunter
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Matthew Broderick

    Addresses all concerns:

    Business professionals
  • to acquire and maintain fitness to increase business "presence and performance"
  • improve posture
  • reduce stress
  • learn proper ergonomics, lifestyle management, and work station setup.
  • Elite athletes and dancers:

  • to enhance performance
  • to look long and lean
  • for a challenging workout to gain strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, agility, power, and mechanical efficiency.
  • Technique & performance coaching.
  • General fitness and "toning"

    • body sculpting
    • develop a lean, strong, flexible, and controlled body.

    Fitness for pregnant, postpartum, menopausal and osteoporotic women.

    Physical therapy, dance medicine, sports medicine and post physical therapy fitness and lifestyle management for people with back problems and other injuries, M.S., postpolio syndrome, osteoporosis, strokes, asthma, emphysema, and arthritis.