Diane Walton

Diane has been teaching individual and group sessions at Peak since completing her training from the Pilates Center in Boulder in 2008.    Drawn to Pilates by chance,  her interest was secured when she heard the story of Joe Pilates asking (not rhetorically) how we could expect world peace when none of the members of the UN could do his basic exercises!

One of her first commitments was to teach Pilates to 100 policymakers — that was fulfilled and the quest to contribute to a world with more flexible bodies and hence more flexible minds continues in individual sessions and public policy conference workshops.

Diane is a member of Dolphin Club Board of Governors and serves as the Club’s Boat Captain.  She is also a member of the Board of Stewards of the Relief Nursery (Eugene, Oregon).

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  1. Colin Summers says:

    hello diane.
    i’m inquiring on behalf of my wife, who thoroughly enjoys pilates. she has been traveling to the outer richmond and we live in nob hill, so we’re looking for somewhere closer. i see that you are the teacher for the monday and friday group classes? she is off on those days, so it would work nicely. how much do the sessions cost? are there monthly/yearly memberships available? thank you for your help diane.

    • jennifer says:

      Dear Colin,
      Thank you for your interest in Peak Performance Pilates. The classes cost between $26 – 28 per hour depending on the number of sessions you purchase. We do not charge a membership. Does your wife have any injuries?
      Thank you for your time and attention.
      Jennifer M. Stacey, M.S.
      Peak Performance Pilates
      For ongoing health tips go to our blog on our website or Facebook Peak Performance Pilates.

  2. Tati says:

    Great program!

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