Hye-Yeon Park

Hye-Yeon Park has been teaching professionally since 2010. She began practicing Pilates seriously in 2004, after a hip surgery related to a childhood car accident. Her body needed serious work to get back into balance. After trying a few studios, she found Erika Linton Groff. Erika not only helped her get her body back to peak shape, she also inspired Hye-Yeon to attend her alma mater, The Pilates Center, a reputable classical Pilates teacher training school. Now, after having done over 1000 hours of training and having taught dozens of clients, Hye-Yeon is able to perform and teach at the highest level. Classical Pilates has allowed her to fulfill her dream of health, happiness, and helping others. It has allowed her to, as Joseph Pilates said, “Return to Life.”

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  1. Ailsa Pierrepont says:

    I am trying to find a traditional reformer pilates studio in San Francisco. I just tried a Pilates ProWorks class and didn’t like it. I’m interested in trying out Thursday’s reformer class at 6pm at the San Francisco – Post Street location. How much are the group classes?

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